Sunday, March 2, 2008

Main & Side Dishes

What's for dinner? Dinner at our house is always so good. Some favorites around here are Lasagna and Opulent Chicken. Our recipes are simple, yet delectable. You're sure to find a dish or two you love as much as us!

Dips & Drinks

Now dip, baby dip! Here you'll find bean dip, fruit dip, salsa, and cheese balls. Yummy! Happy dipping! We also have added some of our favorite drinks to this section. These recipes are great for parties and pretty much any occasion.


We have collected some excellent salad recipes throughout the years!  We're sure you'll find the perfect salad to add to the meal you're making. Our collection of salad and dressings have become hits at get-together's and showers.


Mmmm...sit down to a warm bowl of soup. These soup recipes are just what you need for that perfect soup day. Chicken Chowder is a fall favorite and we enjoy Taco Soup any day of the year!  We have an assortment of savory soup recipes.


Yummy cakes, brownies, and pies - does life get any better? We know you'll find a dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth or chocolate craving. Our classic cake recipes make every birthday special. Banana bars have become a favorite around here and Nana cake will always be a hit! 

Treats & Toppings

Here you'll find some great treats like white-chocolate popcorn, sweet chex mix, and corn pops.  We also have some yummy fudge recipes and caramel topping for ice cream.  These treats make for the best "munching" at parties.


We love making cookies! We have collected some delicious cookie recipes throughout the years.  Some of our favorites are Homemade Oreos, Soft Sugar Cookies, Nieman-Marcus, and Cherry-Chip.  Find your favorite cookie.  


Here is our collection of bread recipes.  This includes Jen's famous rolls and the best breadsticks ever.  You'll even find lots of excellent breakfast recipes like muffins, hootenanny's, and buttermilk pancakes!  Bread is such a comfort food around here.